South West Trampolining Competition Information

Please find attached the new 2019/2020 South West Regional Grading Entry Formand this is the only form that may be used now for gradings; the entry is now £16 per person.

Age Groups for South West Regional Competitions

Note –  although all of the “out of age” age groups shown in the attached 2019/20 Age Groups for October, we may not offer all of the “out of age” for the rest of the year as this will be dependent upon entry numbers, especially in DMT.

Open Competitors

For those who are doing Level 8/Elite Trampoline in the SES series this season, you may enter the Open Competition but must do the requirements that you intend to do next year.  The same applies for DMT.

Disability Competitors

As you may know the new Disability trampoline structure has now a performance pathway which leads either to NDP finals or British Championships.  New DIS competitors have to qualify from regional competitions up to National level competitions.  Please see the new structure – Link.  Please make sure you read this well if you intend to enter any disability competitors.

We will be holding Regional 2, Regional 3 and Open disability competitions (Open is for the existing National 1 and National 2 competitors who want to practice their new routines for the SES season). When submitting disability entries please:

  1. Use the CLOSED grade for Regional 2 and Regional 3 and OPEN for the National 1 and National 2 competitors.
  2. Please then identify whether the competitors are Reg 2 or Reg 3, or Nat 1 or Nat 2 in column M, and
  3. Then which disability category they are I.E. Category 1 – learning disability Category 2 – physical or sensory disability in column N

All entries need to be sent to Nicky Allen at

If you have any questions please ring Nicky Allen on 07803 740317

The link to the British Gymnastics DD Card is DD Card